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Milton Courthouse Serving Halton Region

The Guelph Courthouse his located in the heart of downtown Guelph in the centre of Wellington County.


Milton Criminal Law Attorney

Seeking the services of an experienced Milton Criminal Law Attorney can often be a difficult process after you have been charged with a criminal code or drug offence.  OntarioCriminalLaw.ca lists only experienced, 100% criminal law focused defence attorney serving the Milton Courthouse.  When you hire a Milton Criminal Law Attorney listed on our site you are hiring a professional lawyer with at least 10 years experience who focusses entirely on criminal law.

Working with a dedicated Milton Criminal Law Attorney can help you quickly address preliminary issues such as bail release and resolution of charges.  As your case develops an experienced Milton Criminal Lawyer will review disclosure and discuss your case with you and the options you have regarding the best defence possible.

Retainer – Legal Aid

Each Milton Criminal Law Attorney listed on this website accepts private retainer and Legal Aid Ontario certificates.  Payment plans can be negotiate with your lawyer directly and are a common practice in the industry. Private retainer fees can vary from lawyer to lawyer based on the complexity of your case and the experience of the attorney.

Free Consulation

Every Milton Criminal Law Attorney listed offers a free initial consultation on your charges.  This can often be done at in person at the Courthouse or at the attorneys office.  Due to conflicting schedules most lawyer will arrange for evening meetings or consolation over the telephone.