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If you or a family member has been charged with a criminal or drug offence in Ontario looking for an expert experienced ontario criminal law attorney is probably something you have considered.  All attorneys in working in Ontario are registered and licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  The Law Society is responsible for ensure competency and discipline of it members in order to up hold the reputation of lawyers and protect the public.

In Ontario an LSUC licensed attorney can practice all types of law.  They can specialize in one particular area of law (Family, Civil, Corporate etc) or they may have a legal practice that focusses on a variety of areas.  In smaller towns and cities it is quite common for an attorney to practice in several areas of the law.  In urban centres it is more common to find attorneys with focussed practices.

When it comes to the area of criminal law the best results tend to be achieved by attorneys practice criminal defence law exclusively.  In a criminal law case the accused’s liberty is often at stake and a conviction could result in years of incarceration, a life long criminal record, the inability to travel outside Canada and limited employment opportunities down the road.  An experienced Ontario criminal law attorney that exclusively defends those accused of criminal and drug charges before the courts is your best chance at achieving the best results possible in your case.

An experienced Ontario criminal law attorney will have years of competency arguing the law before the three levels of court in the province of Ontario.  Attorneys with exclusive practices in the field of Ontario criminal law will have represented accused persons in hundred or thousands of cases encompassing thousands of charges.  An attorney who practices 5 days a week in criminal court will amass significantly more criminal law experience than an attorney who only practice criminal law 1 or 2 days a week.  The criminal law system is complex and ever changing as it is effected by shifting case law and new legislation. Ontario criminal law attorney’s who practice exclusively in criminal and drug law are constantly keeping up date with these changes that could affect your case.

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Ontario Criminal Law Attorney Directory

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